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**  Any questions that are addressed in the FAQ will not be answered via email  **


Due to an overwhelming amount of emails received daily, we ask that you please only email with order concerns, or anything pertaining to your orderIf you have any questions about restocks, inventory, confetti, etc, please ask these in TikTok comments! A lot of the time, followers who do know the answers to these kinds of questions will respond to your comments if they have not already been replied to. The TikTok bio and website homepage banner are often updated with restock information or where current orders stand. Be sure to follow the TikTok below to view consistent videos such as restock videos, unboxing/packaging videos, and more!

All emails are replied to between Monday and Friday (excluding weekends). The average response time is 1-5 business days. This is an average estimate as it depends on the volume of emails that come into the inbox. Please do not send two emails with the same matter/issue. We will reply to the email as soon as we can and double-emails from the same person regarding the same matter takes up time from other responses.

If your email is anything other than an order concern or request,  the email will not be replied to.

We also do not tolerate harassment, threats, or disrespect of any kind, (violation will result in block listing) so please remain respectful in your subject/content matter.


Thank you for your understanding and patience!

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