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Kenna resides in Alberta, Canada and is 21 years old. Kenna has been studying and collecting crystals since she was only 9 years old, allowing her to have 12 years of knowledge.

Alongside crystals, Kenna is also a Tarot Reader and Psychic. Kenna began her business by selling her personal collection to friends and neighbors in the form of mystery bags. This sparked her interest to share her life passion, her knowledge and the beauty of crystals to as many people as possible. 

Over the last year, Kenna has gained over 2 million TikTok followers; whom she considers her biggest supporters and some, lovely friends. Kenna posts TikToks such as packaging videos, restock sneak peaks, comedy and of course; her famous crystal confetti videos! Kenna became known as the "Crystal Confetti Queen" when she created her very own crystal mix, posting videos of her filling buckets with various crystals, charms and so much more to be able to give back to her customers. She then came up with the name "Crystal Confetti" as the mix was meant to be fun like confetti but more of a memorable keepsake. It also spoke true to her passion about crystal knowledge and teaching others to identify crystals and minerals. Now, Crystal Confetti is widely seen online, but Kenna will continue to always be passionate and proud of her creation.

Kenna is running a business by selling items that she is most passionate about. She uses Tarot and crystals in her everyday life and has over 1 decade of experience to offer her supporters/customers. Kenna appreciates every single one of you and thanks you for your love!

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